Hi I’m Fareen

For the last decade, I pursued my passion for people as a Human Resource consultant, talent hunter, and career advisor. I am driven by my desire to help others discover, and ultimately do what they love. I worked with international organizations to develop their hiring processes, design job descriptions, review resumes of applicants and screen them for their culture/values.

As the Director of Talent at acework, I advocate remote work and  coach professionals from varied backgrounds to gain a competitive edge as they apply for remote opportunities. My deep experience in skills testing and culture/values screening, helps me onboard the top candidates and match them with opportunities within acework’s network of vetted companies.

Throughout my career I have been approached by several great candidates who applied for opportunities but never heard back. My team often overlooked these candidates because their resume wasn't tailored to match the job descriptions or their LinkedIn profile didn’t provide an engaging overview of their careers. I have also seen candidates with great profiles who fall short on their interviewing skills. If this describes you, and you want to avoid these mistakes, you aren't alone, and I can help!

My aim is to make you independent. Through my personalised coaching, I will guide you towards confidence in your decisions, your documentation, and your demeanour. We will work together to fully equip you with the knowledge and confidence you require to win your next fulfilling job.